About AcademEase: Enhancing Wellness in Higher Education

Within Higher Education Institutions students and faculty are experiencing increasing levels of stress-related illnesses. As this epidemic persists, universities have struggled to find lasting solutions to assist students and academic staff in managing the pressures they face. Although there is a wide-range of wellness tools available that have been proven to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing, these approaches have yet to be integrated into academic settings. AcademEase was created with the intention of promoting wellness and bringing greater ease into institutions of higher learning. Our aim is to tailor wellness tools to the specific types of stresses that students and academic staff confront—whether it’s exam stress, anxiety surrounding dissertation writing, delivering academic presentations, the pressures of publishing, or applying for academic jobs. We take a holistic approach to stress and offer a range of supportive services for academic staff and students in the form of workshops, lectures and one-to-one coaching. Among the topics we focus on are: the impact of stress on the mind and body; meditation and mindfulness tools; time-management in a busy environment, and nutritional support for memory, concentration and mood.