Why Meditate? How to Start and Sustain a Meditation Practice

Would you like to start meditating but don’t know where to begin? Do you feel like meditation is a luxury that you are too busy for? During this workshop, we will discuss some of the most common misconceptions surrounding meditation, what it is and what it is not, as well as tips for how to start and sustain your own meditation practice.


The Science of Stress Management: How Meditation Can Change Your Brain

Just as humanity used to believe the world was flat, the medical community once considered the human brain to be a relatively static organ. Recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience reveal not only that the brain is much more adaptable, but that meditation can literally change the structure of the brain. This workshop will introduce participants to the scientific evidence in support of meditation and offer tips for starting a meditation practice.


Being Present: Mindfulness Tips for Students and Staff

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work? Do your thoughts tend to wander to things in the past and concerns about the future. Together we will explore what mindfulness means and how it can help you to increase your productivity and enjoyment of life and work.


De-Stress Your Mindset: How Thoughts Impact Your Productivity and Performance

Do you believe that stress is an inevitable consequence of being a student? Or that stress is something that comes from outside of you? Do you think your academic work has to be a struggle? This workshop will challenge some of the common misconceptions surrounding work-related stress. You will discover how to become more aware of your thought patterns and learn how to cultivate belief systems that better serve and support you.