Empowered Interactions: How to Enhance Your Professional Relationships

In an academic setting professional relationships are key, yet sometimes these relationships can prove challenging. At times, we may encounter a difficult student, an unsupportive supervisor or a belligerent colleague. As challenging as these situations may at first appear, there are tools available to help you shift from a position of disempowerment to empowerment in your professional relationships.


Building Confidence: Working with Your Inner Critic

No matter how much we accomplish in our careers, many of us have an inner critic that constantly questions our abilities and our worth. Ironically, the voice of the inner critic tends to get louder the more that we achieve. While the tendency is to want to shut this voice down, this approach is rarely effective in the long term. This workshop will, instead, teach you strategies for working with your inner critic. The tools you learn will minimize the volume of your inner critic and help you shift towards a place of greater confidence and self-empowerment.


Your Greatest Teachers: Dealing with Professional Setbacks

Higher education institutions excel when it comes to preparing staff and students for success in their academic endeavours. There is no shortage of advice on how to prepare students for the job market; guidance for writing research funding applications; or workshops on putting together a manuscript proposal. Yet, success in all of these arenas is by no means guaranteed and there is considerably less advice available for dealing with disappointments. This interactive workshop will consider how academic staff and students can navigate through professional setbacks more quickly and easily.