Academic Stress

Keep Calm and Study On: How Stress Impacts the Mind and Body

It is commonly assumed that stress is a natural part of academic life. Not only is stress normalized within academic settings, it is often treated as a virtue. This workshop will counter conventional perceptions of stress in academia by examining how sustained periods of stress actually impact the mind and body. We will then explore some of the practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to help reduce stress.


Managing Exam Stress: How to Enhance Your Wellbeing During Exam Periods

While most students approach examinations with a sense of dread, the feelings of stress surrounding exam periods are by no means inevitable. In this workshop, we will discuss how stress manifests during examinations. We will then explore a range of techniques available to lessen the symptoms of exam stress.


Doctoral De-Stress: Managing the Pressures of PhD Life

Do you spend more time worrying about your doctoral thesis than writing it? The experience of writing a PhD thesis can be both exhilarating and daunting, rewarding as well as frustrating. By addressing the thought patterns that underlie our relationship to academic work, this workshop will teach you how to navigate the PhD with greater ease and enjoyment.


Wellness While Writing: Procrastination, Perfectionism and Writer’s Block

Whether it’s conference presentations, academic papers or your thesis, students are constantly required to write. While the process of writing may be smooth and enjoyable for some, it is not uncommon for students to encounter challenges, such as procrastination, perfectionism and writer’s block. This workshop will explore some of the most common stumbling blocks that students face and consider practical ways to move beyond them.


Overcoming Presentation Anxiety: From Conference Presentations and Job Talks to Delivering Lectures

Whether it’s sharing our research findings, delivering job talks or teaching a class, students and academic staff are frequently required to be in front of an audience. Public speaking can be a daunting experience in general, but even more so in an academic setting where we are expected to be authorities on our subjects. The anxiety surrounding presentations can be debilitating and uncomfortable for many. This workshop will explore presentation anxiety from a mind-body perspective while offering tips and tools for overcoming it.


Persisting with the PhD: How to Sustain Motivation During the Doctorate

Among the most challenging aspects of being a doctoral student is the length of time that it takes to complete the PhD. With an average completion time of four years, it can be difficult to sustain the motivation that first inspired you to pursue your PhD. At the same time, sustaining this motivation is a necessary component for bringing you closer to completion. Come along to this workshop and discover how to reconnect with your passion for your PhD project.